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Let's mint a Cardano token, creator. Absolutely free of charge! 👋

  • 1 Write down the mnemonic before you send the funds
  • 2 Send at least 3 ADA to the session address (or 2 ADA if you do not want to white label your token, in this case the Minterr publisher metadata field will be added). ~1.7 ADA will be sent back with minted tokens.
  • 3 Make sure the balance is topped up
  • 4 Enter the recipient address of minted tokens
  • 5 Select token type
  • 6 Make sure the checkbox is checked :)
  • 7 Complete the form
1 Session MnemonicReset / Generate NewRestore
PolicyID (no timelocks):
Script Hash:
2 Session AddressQR Code
3 Address BalanceRefresh
0.000000 ADA
4 Mint To Address
5 Token Type
6 White Label
7 Upload Files (Up to 30) and Fill In Token Fields

Click or drag file to this area to upload

Support for a single or bulk upload. Strictly forbidden to upload pirated files or NSFW content

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